annie morrad

‘Divine Nightmare’ lighting designer and photographer/projection artist, has recently contacted us with a view to future collaborations. Her work can be seen at:

‘Lunar’ CD Release

Win Detleiv has recently recorded guitar tracks for the 2nd CD release from “Lunar”.

An inspiring session over 2 days, produced an exhilirating and intense fusion of ideas.
The album, an eclectic blend of electronica, dance, ambient, drum&bass and classical, has been mixed, but not yet mastered.

“Lunar’s” 1st album, Hybrid Awaken, is currently available from Cafe Press.
For more info/downloads, go to:

CD Artwork Update

The artwork for ‘The (703) Basement Tapes’ CD has now been revised to an 8 page booklet.
This enables us to do all printing, in house on an A4 sheet.
Anyone requiring artwork files for printing, please e-mail us.

CD now available from Cafe Press.

We’ve now made “The (703) Basement Tapes” available at Cafe Press for $16 US.
However,they can only supply a 4-page foldout due to their printing limitations, so for the full 10 page foldout either order direct here at the website, or email us at:

and we’ll send you .jpg files for the full artwork.

new web pages

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the (703) basement tapes & fractals



New CDs available soon…

Previously only available as limited edition tape releases, ‘the (703) basement tapes’ were recorded at 703 Commercial Rd. Limehouse, London, before the corporate money machine of Thatcher’s Britain, The London Docklands Development Corporation, in partnership with various other private consortiums, seized all the best waterfront real estate, evicted the squats and the council tenants and built the trendy offices and appartments for the wealthy, that dominate the area today.

703 was a grand old 4 storey, victorian era terrace and the basement was ‘Seventh Seance’s’ rehearsal and recording space. After securing the loan of a Tascam Porta one from ‘Some stumpy goats’ which they had successfully employed to create their ‘Long playing tapeworm’ release, 7S set about capturing the songs that had been the cornerstones of their live set for the previous year, as well as some new compositions at the time.

As such, this collection represents an archive of a band that was to self destruct, shortly after recording the unreleased ‘Kissing the Skylight’ single at a pucker 24 track recording studio (Tin Pan Alley, Denmark St. London). After gathering dust on our shelves for 20 years, the original 4 track recordings have been digitally re-mastered and are now ready for release.

A big thanks to all those who contributed to making the live shows the buzz that they were and all those who gave time, enthusiasm and cash to make it happen.

seventh seance

“… and if – or rather, when – he becomes some kind of star, and Seventh Seance some kind of household name,” Robin Gibson, Sounds Magazine, UK – 1984.

Welcome to the new website, its been a long time coming.

After 15 years of alternative life in New Zealand, and yes we do mean the whole hippie deal, organic fruit & veg, building timber houses and cabinets out of firewood, renewable power systems and acoustic sing-a-longs round the camp fire after a successful days fishing in the big blue Pacific, Seventh Seance are back.

Plans in the pipeline, new cd releases and new material

If anyone has any pics, press clips or recordings please let us know or send to:-

Most of ours went up in a house fire last December.