Winston Detleiv, 1984Formed from the ashes of East London goth/punk four piece, the Orange Cardigan, in August 1982, Seventh Séance released two indie tapes and a 12″ E.P. before the year was out. Featuringsteve humphreys & paul shewan ‘82 Winston Detleiv (guitars and vocals) and Steven Humphreys (drums and percussion), the duo recruited Paul Shewan (recently immigrated from Auckland NZ) and Richard Moore for live performances throughout the U.K.

After thoroughly pissing each other off, by the end of May, richard moore ‘82Winston and Steven were back down to a duo and working on new material and a second single. Steve then decided his future lay elsewhere and it looked like it was all over, however Winston decided to work with his brother Ian and a couple of friends, Peter Collins (drums), Garfield (saxophones) and released a second 12″ E.P. on Icon Records (through Rough Trade) in October 83. This line up never performed live. Winston then teamed up with Marc (Almond) and the Mambas cellist, Martin Mc.Carrickmartin mccarrick ‘84 and double bassist, Bill McGee.

Winston also joined the Mambas for their farewell shows in London December of 83 and performed several acoustic shows with Martin and Bill as the new incarnation of Seventh Séance. Another 12″ E.P. again on the Icon label, followed in March 1984. After recording an album of Seventh Séance material for Chrysalis Music, (unreleased) Martin and Bill then joined Steven Humphreys and Marc Almond in Marc’s new band.

Back down to a solo act, Winston then formed a new Seventh Séancerichard spyers ‘86 line up with Richard Spyers on bass and Chris Calvert on drums. This trio then performed live shows around the U.K. and released two indie tapes on Icon. In January ’86 Seventh Séance debuted their multimedia show “The Divine Nightmare” collaborating with the Cholmondeley Dance Theatre, Paul Burwell (of Bow Gamelan project), Julie Asterisk, Ian Hinchcliff, David Aylward, Annie Morrad and Some Stumpy Goats.

Around this time Winston began DJing, running a ’60s/70s/alt. goth/glam club in east London called the ‘Velvet Goldmine‘. Thinking the club needed a live act, the Clockwork Orange was born, playing Velvets, Bolan, Stooges, Bowie, Doors, Stones and even Sinatra covers. Although set up just for a laugh, the bands popularity led them into a string of live dates over Londonpaul ryan ‘87alan mogg ‘87 and the south of England. When the press became interested the band figured they’d better start writing some new shit and duly after a recording session another Icon tape release saw the light of day. Featuring 3 new songs, one of them was chosen for a single and another new track recorded for the flip side. The band then embarked on another series of dates with their newly acquired guitarist Paul Ryan. Then the Batfish Boys came along and stole their drummer Alan Mogg. At this stage Win had had a guts full and decided to pack it in for a while and pursue other interests in theatre and film.

After a few weeks he just couldn’t let it lie and hooked up with another oik from East London, Mr Russell Nash on electric power harp. The duo began demoing new material with beat box and bass and Winston on 12 string acoustic. They began busking this material in the London subways and markets including Camden Market where they were spotted by Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame, at that time just setting up Anxious Records in North London. After a couple of meetings and a couple of Dave Stewarts’ albumslightning call live coming out with suspiciously similar harp sounds, there was no further contact. Figuring they were obviously onto something, the duo, now called the Lightning Call and playing proper gigs in London clubs, scored a management deal with a North London promotion company. The duo then landed a contract to organise the East London Green Festival for Tower Hamlets Council and the GLC as part of the month long East End Festival. This ran for 4 years from 1989 -1992 during which time they were also involved in organising anti-poll tax benefit concerts and running the Black Horse Theatre Co. in Camden Town, North London. They both appeared in productions of Harrold Pinter’s, “The Caretaker” and various original performances including a weekly acoustic music club hosted by the theatre. Winston was also involved with Tower Hamlets College (THC) Alternative Media Productions, particularly during the first Gulf War, producing and distributing alternative media coverage of the anti-war demonstrations and meetings.

After all this, he figured London was killing him, the drugs weren’t working any more, rock’n roll was dead, his girlfriend was pregnant, it was time for a radical change, a breath of fresh CLEAN air, fish you could catch and eat, and tap water you could drink! He took off, flying as far away as possible, to the other side of the world, where his girlfriend’s very own Addams Family awaited.

After 15 years of nappies, sleepless nights, cottage industries, playing dodgy covers in crappy pubs with samoan and maori mates, building sites, psychedelic gardening, and promoting renewable energy systems, he finally succumbed to the digital age and bought a computer, where he found, just by chance, that there was growing interest in Seventh Séance.

So to put the record straight, WE ARE NOT DEFUNCT anymore and in fact are planning new releases, along with re-mastered original 80’s recordings, and